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    Hire the affordable house cleaners in Berkeley

    Finding house cleaners in Berkeley can be stressful. Almost too stressful to bother hunting down all your options, working out how far away the local hotspots are, and reading reviews from other ‘guests’.

    Then, of course, there is the price. And all within your lunch hour? Impossible! Not impossible. Professional cleaning sf makes finding the best deal quick and easy. We compare hundreds of cleaning services for you so you get the best service available.

    And all faster than you can say “can I work from home today”? In just a few clicks, you’ll have your ideal house cleaning solution secured – at the best price – leaving you free to daydream about your sparkling bathroom. 

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    Our Cleaning goal in the Bay Area

    You have so many other things to do. And right now you have a whole house to clean. All the rooms, every corner, ceiling, and floor. And it has to be perfect. If you need a cleaning service in San Francisco bay area, you’re in luck. We are here for you. We clean homes, condos, offices or flats that are worth more than $1Million, have offbeat items that require extra-careful treatment, and even houses with pools!

    Our goal is to reduce the workload on you and your family when it comes to cleaning in Berkeley as we feel that will only make things better for both of you in the long run. We value the community, and we want families to spend as much time together as possible and not indulge in chores as simple as cleaning. Let us handle that at your discretion with costs that make your house in Berkeley sparkle. 

    Affordable House Cleaning 

    We all love the convenience of buying things online, but one thing that’s not convenient is cleaning your house! Cleaning is time-consuming, it’s messy, but worst of all it usually costs a small fortune. Forget about spending hours on end with mop and bucket! Use an affordable house cleaning services in Berkeley!

     “I want a trustworthy and dependable housekeeper who can be in charge of my home and help me in and around my home and office when needed. I just do not have the time to do anything!”

    Our house cleaning has never been so easy. Our team will come to your door and take care of all the dirty work you always wanted to get done, but could never find time for. Our cleaning solutions can handle all kinds of houses with no issues

    • 3 Bedroom Cleanup
    • 2 Bedroom Cleanup
    • Single floor housing

    Not just that, we have time focused team that makes it their mission to complete the cleanup as quickly as possible. So, within 2 hours we’re able to provide our customers with a vacuumed home, with clean bathrooms, living room, and crystal clear counter tops in the kitchen. Say goodbye to that stubborn grease on the stove.

    house cleaning berkeley
    house cleaning berkeley

    Let Us Do your Spring Cleaning

    Not a fan of sweat pouring down your face as you scrub through each and every nook and cranny? Or maybe you’re simply not the cleaning type. Whatever your reason, spring cleaning is an unavoidable pain of living, working, and playing within a home space of any size.

    Whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment or an expansive residential space, our team can work with you on a personalized, affordable plan for spring cleaning. We have all the necessary equipment on-site to combat the most stubborn of dirt and grime on a massive scale. Our team will come prepared with a plan based on a snapshot of your needs and the time you have available so that we can be as effective as possible. 

    If you live in Berkeley and you need someone to clean your apartment, we can help. Whilst we guarantee we do not need a lot of time to clean your house, we do not waste time when we get there. We do the room you point out, and with no time spent on cleaning, you can use it later. Unlike most companies with “Come & go” claims, our cleaners will stay until the job is done. Everyone has a special touch – with us, it will be the perfect clean and the personal service that comes with it.

    You can find our cleaning services by zip codes: 94701, 94705, 94709, 94702, 94706, 94710, 94703, 94707, 94712, 94701, 94708, 94720.