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    Finding a thorough, detail-oriented, and professional janitorial services provider across San Francisco for your business can be challenging. You want to work with someone trustworthy and accountable. Someone who will do a great job – the first time around. Improper cleaning of a business’s workplace can lead to health hazards, further exacerbating the problem.

    We all know that businesses like your own require excellent cleaning. The problem is that having excellent cleaning requires the recruitment and oversight of reputable cleaners. If you’re looking for attentive and thorough cleaning services in Berkeley, you’ve come to the right place! At Professional Cleaning Service, we are committed to providing our customers with janitorial services explicitly designed to meet their needs.

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    Difference Between Commercial & Janitorial Cleaning

    Commercial and janitorial cleaning are terms often used interchangeably. However, both these services are quite different from each other. While commercial cleaning involves large-scale building and office facility clean-ups yearly or twice a year, janitorial services include everyday care and maintenance of your workspace. 

    Commercial cleaning is mostly a one-time job, for example, pressure washing the exterior, detailed floor cleaning and waxing, or other tasks. On the other hand, Janitors are responsible for dealing with the daily cleaning tasks such as managing office supplies, keeping the work desks clutter-free, dust everything, clean carpets and floors, and disinfect all the areas. 

    What do our Janitors in Berkeley Do?

    Most janitorial services in your area are all but identical – providing little to none of the individual attention you deserve. We’re here to solve that problem. From the initial contact, we make sure that our staff knows your cleaning requirements. Our janitors are always motivated to keep your working space clean and clutter-free so that things remain productive for you by offering the following services:

    • Vacuuming carpets
    • Sweeping and mopping the floors
    • Changing light bulbs
    • Cleaning windows and mirrors
    • Cleaning toilets
    • Dusting furniture
    • Emptying trash cans
    • Toilet and office supply restocking
    • Other heavy-duty cleaning tasks
    • Minor repairing tasks

    We are a professional cleaning company with everything we do backed up by word-of-mouth recommendations from customers who love us – and our references will tell you so. Like our janitorial service, we deliver what we promise to an exceptionally high standard!

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    Service Multiple Commercial Units in Berkeley

    At Professional Cleaning Service, we are not limited to a specific industry. Our goal is to make every commercial unit look sparkling clean. Whether you need regular disinfection of your restaurant kitchen, manage the cleanliness of an education facility, or handle day-to-day cleaning tasks in an office facility, we are a call away. We serve the following industries:

    • Education facility
    • Healthcare facility
    • Medical care facility
    • Office facility
    • Industrial units
    • Construction cleaning

    Professional cleaning services are the sure bet of a clean workspace. Don’t worry about hiring and managing cleaning staff and equipment; we do all those dirty tasks for you. Let us handle everything you don’t want to so you can concentrate on what matters to your business

    Why Us for Janitorial Jobs in Berkeley?

    A dirty office is an unproductive office. We know how overwhelming the prospect of professional cleaning can be. Let us handle the mess and leave you with a sparkling office. Our dependable team will come in regularly to clean up after the daily grind so that you can get on with more productive things.

    Free Estimates

    Most janitorial services charge extra for cleaning certain items in the office. Sticky desktops, staplers, and coffee cups are few examples. But see, we don’t encourage nor practice that. We charge the same rate for cleaning your entire office no matter what we find or where it is. The next time your business needs a janitorial service, call us to schedule a free on-site estimate of our cleaning services in the Berkeley area. Our prices are among the most reasonable in the industry, with our expert cleaning staff ready to take care of all your janitorial needs.

    Licensed & Insured

    We have a team of professional, friendly, and well-experienced cleaners who understand your needs. Keeping your business spick and span is our business. Every janitor has hands-on experience in commercial cleaning to ensure complete customer satisfaction with each visit. All our staff is licensed, insured, and

    High Customer Satisfaction

    We are dedicated to providing a 100% satisfaction service. Our background in commercial cleaning assures you that we will keep everything spick-and-span! Even better is our flexibility. We will work around your schedule. We understand how vital great-looking premises are to your business’s success!

    Professionally Trained Staff

    Cleaning is not just another job; it’s our passion. We are experts in the cleaning business and take pride in keeping you satisfied by providing everything you need. We offer deep cleaning and office cleaning services to our clients at competitive rates. At Pro Cleaning, you’ll find the most professional and vigilant janitors who know how to do their job right!

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