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    Expert Cleaning Services

    Gone are the days when one had to go out of their way or waste precious time to hire a house cleaner for one-time or recurring services. Only professional cleaners can provide you with the touch of perfection that you expect and deserve. Professional Cleaning Service is here to assist you when you need matchless cleaning services in San Francisco and beyond like Walnut Creek of course.  we have team of experts maids and cleaners to clean your house like you never had. From the old houses of Summit Ridge to the gated community of Rossmoor, we have cleaned hundreds of homes, offices, and apartments. One call, and we’ll clean it all!

    Housing expenses are sky-high because of which locals keep on searching for affordable maintenance solutions. Finding the right cleaning service is a daunting task for the residents here because of the high rates. 

    Professional Cleaning that’s Stress-Free

    We at Professional Cleaning Services have always looked towards developing our solutions to best-fit businesses & homes around areas such as Walnut Creek. With a population of just over 69,000, it can be pretty difficult to earn that trust, but that hasn’t stopped us for the last 5 years.

    Having provided thorough house cleaning to places such as Las Lomas High with our commercial clean-up, we feel that we are capable of handling anything cleanliness-related while working within a budget. With fluctuating weather like ours, it’s important for us to have the right cleaning equipment with us (which you won’t be charged for) for both commercial and residential cleaning jobs

    Some of the services that we focus on include:

    Home Cleaners in Walnut Creek, CA

    With beautiful large-scale homes and stunning condos, there normally isn’t enough time to care for your homes, especially when you’re at work in Walnut Creek. To provide your house with a proper cyclic clean-up, our home cleaning system for the residences of Walnut Creek will help.

    Through this system, we provide a thorough clean-up with bathroom, kitchen, living areas, in-home offices, and much more on a criteria-based process. With a monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or regular scheduling system. We feel confident in our ability that we’d be able to provide homeowners coming back from work with a clean, lavish and good ambiance to relax in.

    You shouldn’t compromise on your free time cleaning around your place, and leave the rest to our professional cleaners San Francisco.

    Make your Workplace Shine in Walnut Creek

    We regard our commercial cleaning services in Walnut Creek to be one of the best in the entirety of San Francisco. Our cleaners have worked tirelessly for every commercial entity in the area, this includes Schools, Hospitals, Barbershops, and even Grocery Stores (we got some free goodies from Lunardi’s Market for the work).

    These commercial buildings are tough to clean out because of their long-standing, and everyday usage. Therefore we use environmentally friendly cleaning products to provide a better clean-up for all of our commercial building projects in Walnut Creek.

    We have janitors that are experienced in services such as public office bathrooms and carpet cleaning. They’re easily experienced in cleaning out rugs, tiles, stains, and odors that sometimes get into businesses like grocery shops.

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    About Walnut Creek

    Walnut Creek is a suburban city in the Contra Costa County of California. The city is known for its leading cultural and commercial center, hundred-year-old buildings and houses, scenic sites, and bike trails. The city is an oasis to live in if only you own a residence. 

    Walnut Creek is a city in Contra Costa County, California, United States, located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, about 16 miles east of the city of Oakland. We’ve been serving the community of Walnut Creek for the best part of a decade and hence focused on the community as a whole as well.

    Area19.77 mi²
    Population69,567 (2019)
    Area codes:  92505, 94596. 94518, 94597, 94521, 94598, 94595

    Things to Do

    Being a part of the community here in Walnut Creek, we also feel that It’s our responsibility to showcase the good things about Walnut Creek so that you and your family can enjoy the weekend off (while we clean your office or home up)


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