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    Best Janitors A You Service In Antioch, CA.

    Let’s face it – hiring the right cleaning contractors for your business can be a full-time job. It takes time, effort, and money to find a good cleaning company. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone out there could do all the hard work for you?

    Antioch cleaning services don’t come cheap, but we’ve been working hard lately to keep overhead costs down so we can offer our customers the best possible janitorial services deal around. Professional Cleaning Services is one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Antioch and greater California area. We are committed to providing our clients with impeccable janitorial services. Attention to detail, knowledge of industry trends, and responsiveness to our client’s needs are the values that set us apart from others!

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    We Provide Premium Janitorial Services

    Being a business owner is a tough job in itself. You have a lot on your plate, including dealing with clients, managing with employees, and keeping a check on hygiene and cleanliness. We are here to accommodate you by keeping your office premises spick and span so you can focus on the bigger things. 

    Our janitors provide the following service types for Businesses in Antioch and its surrounding areas.

    Seasonal Cleaning

    No matter what the season is, Pro Cleaning Service will keep your office looking great all the time. Seasonal cleaning is vital to keep your office up to date. Along with regular and monthly cleaning, our janitors are available for seasonal cleaning, where they’ll cover all the areas often missed in everyday cleaning. These are the areas that gradually become noticeable if not cleaned for a long time. No matter how long it takes, we will ensure you are fully satisfied before leaving. 

    Our janitors will clean all the windows from smudges and dirt, dust the doors, furniture, and corners from cobwebs, vacuum the carpets, and mop the floor. We believe in giving you the satisfaction of a complete cleanup. That is why we’ll also clean your air vents, exhaust systems, and central heating and cooling systems to make your office entirely refreshed and spot-free. 

    Office Move In/Out Cleaning

    It doesn’t take long to get messy when you’ve only just moved in, and moving out is no different. Whether you are moving into a new office or moving out, you need help cleaning all the mess on both sides. It gets more stressful when you try to manage everything yourself in your lunch hour and end up losing hours of productive time. It gets worse when you have more than one office to deal with! 

    Without professional cleaning services, you might find your premises are not attracting customers. Dirty places discourage customers from entering your building or offices. That’s where we come in. We clean and organize businesses of all sizes at an affordable price.

    Regular Office Cleaning

    Bacteria, dust mites, mold, and germs can trigger allergies, sneezing, and rashes that affect your work. You cannot risk the health of your employees if you want your business to grow. That is where Pro Cleaning Service comes in to help. Our janitors are trained professionals who know how to make your office shine, from floors and carpets to windows and blinds. We take cleaning to the next level cost-effectively and conveniently.

    • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
    • Floor cleaning
    • Restroom cleaning
    • Hallways and lift cleaning
    • Dusting chairs, tables, printing machines, fixtures, window blinds, and more
    • Toilet cleaning
    • Emptying trash 
    • Break rooms cleaning 

    All you need to do is give us a call and schedule an appointment with us. We promise to keep your workspace clean and regularly maintained, weekly, or monthly depending on your requirements. 

    What Makes Us Stand Out

    Corporate cleaning can be a logistical nightmare if you have to manage it all by yourself. Professional Cleaning Services takes the stress out of finding your top corporate cleaning partner. We make it easy to find and compare the best cleaning services for your needs. We understand you need your office to look presentable and workable for your clients and employees. 

    Our janitorial cleaning experts inspect your business to identify the issues that need addressing. Next, we create a customized, cost-effective solution tailored to fit your unique commercial needs and budget. Finally, we execute a plan of action with industry-leading time management in mind. That way, you get more than just a basic clean – you get the kind of janitorial services that can mean increased productivity and happier customers.

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    Licensed And Insured Janitors in Antioch

    Your office property should be in the hands of trusted cleaners because there are many valuable things in there. Hiring a licensed janitorial service provider is the best way to assure liability protection for your commercial properties. Pro Cleaning Services is a trusted name in janitorial cleaning. We’re insured, bonded, licensed, free estimates, and clean your office just like you clean your home. Every member of our janitorial team undergoes detailed screening and rigorous training to facilitate you with unsurpassed quality.

    Equipped With The Latest Tools

    If you want your cleaners to arrive on time, do the job right and leave the place spotless – then you are in the right place at the right time. As a business owner, you know that coordination is the key to complete any project. That is exactly what our janitors do when you hire us to clean your office immaculately. Our janitors are equipped with the latest tools, premium quality cleaning products, and knowledge of industry-leading cleaning techniques. Rest assured; we’ll clean every corner of your office with meticulous care. Pro Cleaning Services provides its customers an all-inclusive solution for taking care of offices and commercial buildings of any size in Antioch, CA.

    Quality Services with your work Schedule

    At Professional Cleaning Service, we are committed to providing you quality service and unmatched value of your time and money. Our janitors understand that you cannot spare hours from your work schedule, disturbing the flow. Don’t fret about that because we can offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly services without charging you an extra dime.

    Trust us when we say that we are the best janitorial services in Antioch and its surrounding areas because we have a proven record of successful projects and satisfied customers. We promise to provide you with quality, affordable cleaning services to keep your office, warehouse, apartment building, or retail location clean and presentable for all your employees and clients. Let us save you money by offering competitive rates and flexible service plans that suit your business needs so that you can worry less about cleaning & focus more on growing your business.


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    Some Questions about our Janitorial Work in Antioch

    In a field like ours, it’s likely that people ask their fair share of questions regarding services and what we offer in terms of customer support and even insurance. Here are some of the questions that people wonder about where we feel we’re determined to provide answers for (keep in mind, these vary)

    This covers all commercial cleaning work in Antioch, CA

    What does a Janitor Do?

    While most people think that a janitor is only another term used interchangeably for a cleaner, janitors have advanced skills that a maid or general house cleaner may not have. A janitor must understand how to sanitize and disinfect all the areas with the right products. He should know how to use cleaning equipment such as floor buffers, carpet dryers, vacuums, and more. He should also have basic skills for plumbing, painting, and minor electrical repairs. 

    How do we Charge You?

    The cost of janitorial cleaning depends on the frequency of visits you schedule and the type of rate the company offers. If you are hiring hourly, the cost can range between $20 and $30 per hour for a single janitor. Another way is charging per square foot. Some cleaning companies charge through this method to clean larger offices. Make sure you ask your company for an estimated price no matter what method they are using.

    What are the basic cleaning work Janitors do

    Janitors are experts in the field of cleaning and maintaining your offices. Their primary responsibility is to make the workspace look presentable, hygienic, and sanitized. When you hire a cleaning company for your janitorial needs, they will provide you with the following services:

    • Sweeping, mopping, and polishing floors
    • Carpet vacuuming
    • Detailed dusting
    • Handling kitchen supplies
    • Toilet cleaning
    • Restroom and locker room cleaning