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    Different Types of Pressure Washing Services

    One of the main reasons you get damaged roofs and sidings is that you don’t choose the right type of pressure washing. It is basically a method with additional subtypes that are as follows:

    Pressure Wash

    Whether you have wooden decks, concrete siding, or brick walkways, a professional service provider can clean it without damaging the property. Pressure washers use high pressure to clean larger exterior areas within minutes. Usually, electric pressure washers are used in this method.

    Power Washing

    Power washing uses similar pressure as that of pressure washing services. The only difference between the two is the heat. In power washing, hot water is used to blast away the stubborn stains and dirt from any surface. Steam pressure washers are used for power washing.

    Soft Washing

    While both pressure and power washing can use 1000 to 2000PSI, soft washing is done with 500PSI. Soft washing suits best for house washing, storefront, and roof cleaning. This process removes organic matter such as mold, mildew, and fungus. If you need optimal solutions for cleaner areas in Antioch, such as Financial District or Nob Hill, soft washing is perfect for you!

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    Type Of Chemical Used In Commercial Pressure Cleaning

    Before hiring a cleaning company in Antioch, you must know what type of dirt you have and the chemical used in the pressure washer. The techniques do matter, but it is the chemical that defines the effectiveness of the cleanup services. Mostly, chemicals are used for commercial cleaning services are for graffiti removal, paint coat removal, excessive grime and grease, and restoration purposes.

    Detailed and large-scale pressure wash costs can vary depending on the chemicals used. Here is a list of commonly used chemicals:

    Ammonia—this chemical is ideal for cleaning glass and stainless steel

    Bleach—mainly used for detailed sanitization and disinfecting

    Citric Acid—best for wooden decks and cleaning concrete surfaces

    Sodium Hydroxide—removes stubborn grease and stains from steel and glass

    Oxalic Acid—used for rust removal

    We are always open to questions. You can ask what chemicals are we using, and we’ll also make sure that they are eco-friendly.

    Reliable Pressure Washers In Antioch, CA

    Imagine living in the city with the 7th highest per capita incomes and still dealing with greasy parking lots, stained driveways, and feces-struck sidewalks. San Francisco is the 16th most populous in the United States. This metropolitan area has a lot to offer to its citizens because it is a cultural and financial hub. However, the larger and populous a city is, the more it gets challenging to keep it clean specifically in Antioch.

    Streets, neighborhoods, commercial buildings, offices, schools, apartments, and hospitals deserve to look clean and presentable. Power washing is the optimal solution to keep any surface clean. Whether you are running a business or own a commercial property in Antioch, rusted, stained, and dirty buildings are a big no for visitors.

    Why Is Important To Pressure Wash in Antioch, CA

    The authorities in different neighborhoods of Antioch recently decided to pay more attention to pressure wash the streets, roads, and sidewalks every week. Larkin Park and Tenderloin District have been dealing with many complaints about animal feces, majorly on the sidewalks, leaving the homeless lot more in trouble.

    Keeping residential and commercial properties clean is vital because everyone deserves a clean, beautiful, and safe exterior. Pressure cleaning services are in high demand in Antioch, CA because people here have understood the importance. Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, rust, stain, and grease are the most unappealing things your home or office exterior can offer.

    Hiring the best pressure washers at Professional Cleaning Services can save the day for you because they provide detailed cleaning for your driveways, patios, wooden decks, concrete walkways, sidewalks, roofs, and sidings. We pride ourselves on being the first name when it comes to Cleaning Services in Antioch, CA.

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    How Professional Cleaning Services Can Help

    If your office or residential area is anywhere in or near Hyde Street or Larkin Street, you’ll need pressure washing services more often. Don’t worry and call the professionals. We’ll handle the pressure to clean so that you can manage your work pressure! We have the best pressure washing equipment to cater to your needs. Whether you need pressure, power, or soft wash, we are skilled enough to make your exteriors shine. With our cutting-edge techniques and industry knowledge, we know how to satisfy your needs. From the roof to the parking lot of your office building, our pressure washers will leave your workspace spotless with their detailed services.

    Range Of Services

    We are not limited to a single service. Our specialty is mainly for commercial and office properties. We can also cater to you with the following:

    Antioch’s Most Credible Service

    We are an award-winning commercial cleaning company in Antioch, accustomed to handling large-scale projects. We take pride in maintaining a high standard ever since the inception of our business. What’s more, you get to make cashless payments along with easy booking. Rest assured about our staff because they are all licensed, insured, and screened. Try us to believe us! Get in touch for a hassle-free pressure wash.

    Offering Free Quotes

    We believe in making things easy for our customers; that is why we have kept our rates nominal. Our rates are competitive, and you only have to pay what you hire us for. Whether you need a detailed building cleanup or a residential wash, contact us to get your free quote today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Prepare Your House For A Pressure Wash

    To get the most of the services, you will need to prepare the exterior so that the interior of your property won’t get damaged. The first thing you need to do is lock all the doors and windows. Cover anything that you don’t want to get wet such as your patio or garden chairs. Make sure all the electric outlets are covered and unplug any gadget to stay on the safe side. Cover your plants with plastic covers because too much pressure can damage them. 

    How Much Does It Cost To Pressure Wash A 2000 Sq. Ft House

    If you live in a 2000 Sq. Ft the house that you want to pressure wash, the cost is generally determined by the hours. The average price ranges between $100 and $500. The rates can vary depending on the area where you live and the distance your pressure washers have to cover to reach you.

    How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost In Antioch

    Multiple factors decide the price of the service. In Antioch, the average cost to pressure wash is from $300 to $500 for a 1500-2000 sq. ft. house. If you are looking for single services such as gutter or sidewalk wash, the charges will be less.